Ten Lessons in Ten Years.


The look of love, or was it ignorance, or sheer terror! (and was I ever that young!)

Next week we’re lucky enough to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. This is what I’ve learned so far;

  1. The years go fast. Very fast.
  2. Love doesn’t age, but it does change. The excitement fades, the passion dims and the love distills into something stronger. Think of it like gin but with less tonic.
  3. It’s a marathon, endurance is key. Be kind to yourself, then be kind to your partner.
  4. Love can be rekindled. Trust can be rebuilt.
  5. Everyone deserves a second chance, sometimes second time is better.
  6. Life won’t always go to plan; deal with it and move on, together.
  7. If you’re wrong apologise, and quickly.
  8. There will be days when you’ll ask, ‘why did I do this?’ but there’ll be more days when you’ll think, ‘thank God I did this.’
  9. It’s difficult and easy all at the same time.  Some days it requires more effort, like studying for exams; you won’t want to do it, but it’s probably worth the toil.
  10. When all is said and done we’ll not remember who’s turn it was to put the bins out / do the washing up / cooking / cleaning / or who said what. We’ll wish we’d loved more. And here’s the thing; love can multiply. What’s more beautiful than that? We started out with two, now we’re five (including the dog!)

With half-term madness, 9th birthday parties and an anniversary to celebrate I doubt I’ll get a chance to post next week, so take care till November. I’m off to write a  birthday letter 😉


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