Building a House of Words.

Sod’s law that after my post on prioritising for thepraminthehall I’ve been failing to do just that! (You know what they say about the kettle and the pot.) I do have a good excuse – well lots of them actually – but don’t we all?
You see, our renovation project is swiftly moving towards its final phase which means I have to organise and choose what’s to go inside!! (Believe me I could bore you to death with architrave chat and titillate you about my tiles.) It’s all kinds of hectic. I’m dragging my four year-old to look at fireplaces this afternoon – bound to be fun! It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of all the ‘stuff’ that needs done, the decisions that need made, and the diarrhea-inducing cost of it all. This is, no doubt, our dream home. A one-off. The place we’ll hopefully call home for the next thirty years or more. It’s important to get it right. And then the universe sent me this –image(actually it was my aunt and she sent it for my boys – but you know…) The beautiful ‘Buddha Doodles’ book by Molly Hahn (@Mollycules) and it made me stop and breathe and gain perspective.  How much better to make the words I speak beautiful, rather than the house I live in. (I’ll be reminding myself of this later, as I try to choose a fireplace with my destructive four-year old in tow!!)


Has something stopped you in your tracks lately and made you think differently? I ‘d love to hear about it. Wishing you all lots of Buddha wisdom this weekend. x




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