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  1. Natasha, hello – I’m so glad I found a way of contacting you – I’m not on Twitter or Facebook. A friend of mine mentioned that you’d tweeted about Walking Wounded and she copied the message to me. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do that, and for saying how much you enjoyed it. It means a lot that readers like you, who are also writers, like it -helps me keep going on the next one! I noticed it was a signed copy – if ever we meet up, I’ll make sure to add your name! I wasn’t at the Hillsborough JHS Festival,other than to go to listen to some poetry, but I will be at the JHS Summer School, on July 26th, lunchtime spot, ( date and time to be confirmed, but that’s what they told me on Saturday) so if you’re around, come up and say hello.
    Good luck with your own writing, and thanks again,


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